Mercedes Benz Key Programming Service

Mercedes Benz Key Programming Service

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  1. Purchase the product here.
  2. Remove your EIS from your car.
  3. Print out your receipt and write down ALL your information:
    1. Print this form out and fill out the following or on a piece of paper:
    2. First and Last Name
    3. Contact Phone number
    4. Return shipping address
    5. Year, Model and VIN Number
  4. Package the EIS safely in a padded box with the print out.
  5. Ship the package to the address below:
    Clusterfix Texas
    16044 N HWY 123
    San Marcos, TX. 78666
  6. Send us tracking information for the package to or text (512) 792-1717

- If you want to add an additional key to the order while the job is in our possession, please contact us on directly by phone or text ( $155 additional ). If a new key is requested after the order has been sent back then an additional key would be $200 plus shipping.

- To cut the emergency key, we need an existing working emergency blade key to duplicate or send us your door key hole.

Once we receive your package, we will make your new key, bench test the EIS and KEY for quality, and send the package back to you within 1 Business day(Mail takes 2-3 Business days to get to you).

- If you need it overnighted to you please include and overnight return slip.

Once you receive the module, back, Just install and start the car. That's IT!!!


Mercedes Key Problems


Symptoms we can diagnose and repair are:
  • Unable To Turn The Key
  • Unable To Start The Car
  • Intermittent Ignition Key Faults
  • Vehicle not responding to remote


We can program new keys for your Mercedes for a fraction of the cost that the dealership charges. If you lost all keys from your car, we can programming new keys.

  • A-Class W169
  • B-Class W245
  • C-Class W202 W203 W204
  • E-Class W210 211 W212 W207
  • S-Class W220 W221
  • ML-Class W164
  • GL-Class X164
  • CLK-Class W208 W209
  • CLS-Class W219
  • GLK-Class X204
  • G-Class W463
  • V-Class W639
  • CL-Class W215 W216
  • SL-Class R230
  • SLK-Class R171
  • R-Class W251

    Benefits of our services:

    1. Very easy process
    2. Fast turnaround time
    3. Plug and Play solution
    4. Save hundreds or even thousands
    5. True professionals are working on your module
    6. Get notified on each step of your order process at our facility
    7. Truly tested using our “bench-simulator” and dealer-level scan tools
    8. Warranty Guaranteed!